Bei so vielen Tierfreunden we hier auf #G+ immer anzutreffen sind müßte #Euro2012…

Bei so vielen Tierfreunden we hier auf #G+ immer anzutreffen sind müßte #Euro2012 ausfallen…jedenfalls dort : #Ukraine

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I couldn’t even click on the pic 2 c it bigger. I saw this scene from my balcony in Cairo one day, it was one of very few times when police came in to our side street, they were there just to shoot street dogs and I remember this dog that kept trying to escape by getting in different houses and me and my mom were like cheering for him/her wishing him/her success but then we saw them killing him/her, I felt very helpless, I was so little and not empowered enough but I still feel guilty I didn’t try to do anything but watch. I guess this inhumane policies r still implemented in Egypt. enough to all inhumanity, we r humans with hearts and we can do a lot to help the helpless
In Ukraine more than 60 000 dogs and cats have been killed because to „clean“ the streets for EURO 2012. Please SHARE so everybody can see in what world we live today!
In Ukraine the president signed a contract. It was written there that the police men should hunt down the homeless dogs and burn them alive in a special oven that they made specially for burning homeless dogs and cats. This is inhumane!

AGAINST EURO 2012 & UEFA! daughter facebook.

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  1. Ich werde mir nichts ansehen, was aus diesem Land kommt. Auch wenn ich gerne Fußball sehe, aber so etwas werde ich nicht unterstützen. Und es ist schon eine Schande, das unsere Politiker nicht endlich mal etwas dagegen machen, die mischen sich doch auch in jeden anderen Dreck ein…

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